Pinky in 2005 to Werner
I too have a mimeographed copy of the handwrirtten note by Bill - it was handed to me by way of someone who had acquired it from a copy that is in the archives in GSO. 

I have to mention though (and no offense meant) that the steps as quoted here did not come from the Oxford groups alone. As a matter of fact the Oxford groups did not have steps, although they did indeed follow some set principles and tenets.

Accounts by Bill and othe early members indicate that these six ideas written by Bill formed a word of mouth set of principles that the early
members used and were subject to some variations. The ideas were taken from several sources. Sermon on the mount by Emmet Fox, Varieties of Religious experience by James and some ideas from  the Oxford groups, and some input from Dr Silkworth. 

Checking in the Big Book, page 292, third edition you will find a list which although similar are not exactly the same. Another summary of the "six step word of mouth program"  is given on page 160 in AA Comes of Age.

A further reading of that chapter tells how Bill sat down and enlarged on the six steps to become what we now have as our Twelve Step program.

Just thought there may be some who are not familiar with how the steps came about and would like to read about it.


Pinky H
Original Six Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous